064Julie Gales, Madrikha

Bio: Julie Gales is the JCS spiritual and community leader. She became a Madrikha in 1993 and has worked for two Secular Jewish Communities: Jewish Parents Institute (JPI) in Detroit and our own Jewish Cultural Society. She has said that “I feel that my role as Madrikha is one way I can give back to the Secular Jewish communities that have had such a profound impact on my life and personal life philosophy.”

Wendy Sadler, School Principal

Office Manager

JCS Board Members


  • Chad Wood (President)
  • Seth Penchansky (Treasurer)
  • Joanna Millunchick (Secretary)
  • Beth Kirschner (Past President)
  • Robert Davidow
  • Marni Hochman
  • Zoe Jackson
  • Celina Kleer
  • Gianna Lete
  • Ilene Tyler
  • Bev Wood
  • Alon Yaffe